Leverage Investigations is offering a new service…

ID Theft (Protection, Detection, Restoration and Investigation) Tune in this week to learn more about ID Theft and the importance on how it affects you today, tomorrow and in the future. Our Investigators will be offering free assesments in the next few weeks.  If you’d like to submit an email, we will contact you as.. read more →

Identity Theft Series from a Miami PI- Florida #1 on the list

Did you know that Florida is # 1 in Identity theft? (See: http://www.experian.com/blogs/credit-cornerstone/2012/07/31/florida-tops-list-with-highest-rate-of-identity-theft-complaints/) What is ID Theft: When someone fradulenty steals and pretends to be YOU by assuming YOUR identity. Did you know that there are many ways someone can get steal YOUR identity? purse or wallet theft mail garbage shredded documents doctor’s offices/hospitals attorney’s offices someone posing to collect your information.. read more →

Feb 13 – Happy Mistress (or Manstress) Day!

If you’re having problems finding your partner today he or she is probably having too much fun with the MISTRESS or MANSTRESS to remember YOU! Next time call your Miami Private Investigator at 786-529-7393 to get proof! read more →